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Next meeting
February 12th !


St. Michael's FPI is looking for women wanting to reintegrate sexuality with  spirituality.

We would like to start with the reading of Andrew Comiskey's book, Rediscovering our Lost Fullness. Copies of the book are available for $17.00 each - please get your copy by dropping a check off to the Cathedral office made payable to:
'Angela Kristan'

Be sure to register on above button

so we can reach you with future dates to meet

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Training Event!

St. Michael's FPI wants to bring the Living Waters ministry to Rochester. Dcn Michael and Angela Kristan have attended this training last year and we want to encourage others whom the Holy Spirit is calling into this ministry with us. Please prayerfully consider attending this training and let us know of your interest by using the Register for Future Events button above.

Blog Posts

7 Misconceptions about chastity: by Mathilde De Robien

One of SMFPI's pillars of protection is integrated living. That concept focuses on making decisions of one's sexual life, based on their faith. Mathilde De Robien has written a article on his discoveries on the path to chastity and true love. He has been kind enough to supply it to our page!
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Focus of St. Michael's FPI

As society continues to follow the path of disintegration, we fail to see people as they are. We begin to morph and take on our own creations instead of the body we have been gifted with.

Over the past few years, I have worked to bring awareness to human trafficking in Rochester and soliciting help to assist those on the front lines. The use of pornography heavily influences those that view and participate in trafficking situations. Pornography is an epidemic that destroys the virtue of chastity at a very young age considering the average exposure occurs at 8 years old. Unfortunately it is only a symptom of a deeper sickness we suffer from when we lose hope in the beauty of the human person as created by God. We are needing to rediscover the fullness we are created for and reclaim ourselves anew every day. Victory is found only through humility and patience but never through Pride!

St. Michael’s Family Protection Institute is comprised of lay-people and ordained wanting to defend human dignity and chastity. For that reason, we have developed a website that will connect to the local community, provide information based on personal experiences and grow the culture of life inside the Church and out to the world.


Action Plan

We will be hosting monthly presentations and holy hours to grow a community of people wanting to heal themselves and/or others over past wounds, addictions and sexual traumas. We plan on bi-weekly meetings to support those actively fighting a battle with chastity whether outside or inside the bonds of marriage. Everyone is invited into this work no matter the degree you have been affected.

Will you join us in answering the universal call to holiness?

Dcn. Michael Kristan

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